Before running your webinar for the first time, we recommend running a test webinar. Do this by creating new live webinar and running it with or without attendees.

Create a webinar

Create a live webinar by clicking Create Webinar at the top of the page or +Create New Webinar on the dashboard. 

On the next page, choose Live, fill in all the webinar details, then click Create Webinar.

Once done, you will see your newly created webinar on the My Webinars page.

Publish the webinar as private

Publish the webinar as private, so that it will not show up in the Webinar Finder and your subscribers will not be notified.

From the My Webinars page, look for the webinar you created. Click Publish underneath the title.

On the popup window, choose Private then choose any category from the drop-down.

Click Publish and it's ready to go!

Get at least one attendee for the test webinar (optional)

Click Share then copy the registration link of your webinar. You may send it to someone who can attend your test webinar. You can also be your own attendee by opening the link in another browser or computer and registering with a different email address.

Enter the studio

This is where you’ll be broadcasting from. This is also where you can upload slides, insert videos, and set up offers before starting your webinar.

Set up your devices

If this is your first time entering the studio, your browser may ask you for permission to use your mic and camera. Once that's granted, you'll see your live camera feed on the popup window as shown below. 

While this window is open, you will hear yourself when you speak into your microphone. This is how you will know if your mic and speakers are working. We do recommend using earphones or headsets to avoid feedback.

When your devices are good to go, click Enter The Studio.

The buttons for your camera and mic will appear when you hover your cursor at the bottom of your webinar screen. Click the buttons to toggle when you need to temporarily turn off your camera and/or mic on the webinar.

Note: These buttons are only visible when your camera feed is up on the webinar screen. 

More webinar studio options

Before you start broadcasting, you can play with the studio functionalities:

Start the broadcast

If you have a test attendee or if you want to see a recording, click Start Broadcast, found in the upper-left corner of the screen. This will automatically start recording your webinar.

Once done, click the Stop Broadcast button.

View the replay

Go back to My Webinars and wait for the webinar replay to process for 30-60 minutes. When it's ready, go to past webinars, click Options to the right of the webinar, and click View Replay.

You will be taken to the page where you can view the replay. You will also see the chat, questions, polls, and offers that were posted during the webinar. 

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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