Zapier is an online automation service that can connect WebinarNinja to your favorite email marketing services such as Drip, HubSpot, SendPulse, ConvertKit, and many others! Learn how to get started for free with Zapier here.

Through Zapier, WebinarNinja can automatically add webinar registrations to your preferred CRM system. As soon as someone signs up for your webinar, Zapier then completes the action you set up with another app.

To know more about the automations you can do with WebinarNinja on Zapier, see this page.

To connect WebinarNinja with Zapier:

Step 1: From your WebinarNinja account dashboard, click Integrations on the left menu.

Step 2: Go to 3rd Party Apps and copy the code under Your Zapier Auth Key. Take note of this key.

Step 3: In your Zapier account dashboard, click Connected Accounts.

Step 4: On the next page, search for "WebinarNinja" then click on it when it comes up on the drop-down. 

Step 5: A new window will popup, asking for a Zapier Auth Key. Paste the key you copied from your WebinarNinja account.

Step 6: Click the Yes, Continue button.

Step 7: Back in your Zapier dashboard, you'll see that the newly added account is added. You can now use it with your preferred Zaps!

The integration works in a way that every time you have a new registrant to your webinar, Zapier will work on completing the Zap you set up with another app every 15 minutes.

Note: Existing registrants will not get added, only those who signed up after the integration is activated. To add existing registrants, export the list as .csv then import the file to your CRM system.

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