Before making a Zap, be sure that you have already connected both your WebinarNinja account and your preferred 3rd-party app with Zapier. 

Here's how to connect WebinarNinja with Zapier.

Once done, you are ready to make a Zap!

Step 1: Making a Zap- In your Zapier dashboard, click Make A Zap!.

Step 2: Choosing a trigger app- Search for "WebinarNinja" under Choose a Trigger App and click on it when it comes up in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Selecting a trigger- WebinarNinja currently offers 1 trigger. You will see the trigger, New Registered Attendee, is already selected. Click Save + Continue.

Step 4: Selecting a WebinarNinja account- You will see here that the WebinarNinja account you just connected is also already selected. Click Save + Continue.

Step 5: Pulling in sample registrants to set up your Zap with- On the next page, you can choose to pull in samples or skip this step. If you do choose to pull in samples, be sure that you already have at least one registrant for any recent webinar.

Step 6: Selecting a sample registrant- The next page should show sample registrants fetched from your WebinarNinja account. Choose one to set up your Zap with and click Continue.

Step 7: Choosing an action app- You are now choosing the app that you want to connect with WebinarNinja using Zapier. Search for your preferred app under Choose an App and click on it when it comes up in the drop-down menu. In this example, we're using MailChimp.

Step 8: Choosing an action- You are now setting up the action that your preferred app completes whenever someone registers for your webinar. We recommend the action, Add/Update Subscriber. Click Save + Continue.

Step 9: Choosing an account- You will see here that the 3rd-party app you just connected (in this case, MailChimp) is also already selected. Click Save + Continue.

Step 10: Setting up the action- You are now setting up how the action you specified in step 8 actually behaves. In this case, we chose Add/Update Subscriber. 

MailChimp requires that we select a list where we want our webinar registrants to be added to. Under List, select from or search for your preferred list in the drop-down menu.

Under Subscriber Email, select the email address (from your sample registrant in steps 5 and 6) from the drop-down.

You may need to click Refresh Fields at the bottom of the page for the First Name field. 

Now select the username from the drop-down under First Name.

Step 11: Click Continue. These are the primary details the integration will take care of.

Step 12: The next step is to test the integration. Click Create & Continue.

Step 13:  The next page should show Test Successful. Click Finish.

Step 14: Click the toggle to enable your Zap. You will have to give it a name as well.

Step 15: When you go back to your Zapier dashboard, you will see your new Zap listed.

Every time you have a new registrant to your webinar, Zapier will work on completing the Zap you set up with another app every 15 minutes.

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