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Create a Live Webinar with Multiple Dates and Times Options
Create a Live Webinar with Multiple Dates and Times Options

Add multiple schedules to your live webinar registration page.

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A live webinar can only have a single schedule which may not be convenient to some potential attendees because of time zones or busy lifestyles. You can create separate live webinars for each date and time you like to offer then add a link to the available schedules on the registration page.

Create a live webinar

Step 1: From My Webinars, click the Create New Webinar button.

Step 2: Select the type of webinar you want. In this case, Live.

Step 3: Fill in webinar details. Enter a title, choose the date and start time, and the duration. The default timezone can be changed in Account Settings.

Note: The maximum duration of your live webinar depends on your current plan.

Step 4: Click Create Webinar.

Important note: Create separate live webinars for each date and time.

Clone the webinar to easily create a copy and edit the title, date/time before you publish it. You can check this guide on how to clone your webinar.

Here's how it will look like on your webinar page. Since this is the same webinar, the thumbnail and the title are the same. The order of time can be checked on the left side.

The created webinar is a draft. Publish the webinar to get it ready for registrations or to make it public. The webinar can be edited even after publishing until 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Edit the registration page

You only need to edit one registration page that you will use as the main landing page.

Click Options to the right of the webinar, then select Registration Page from the drop-down menu.

Once you're in the page builder, you need to select a template to add more information to your webinar. Click on the preferred template then hit "Select".

In this area, click the blank space to show the settings for this section.

In this example, we add 3 sections but you can add more as you prefer. Click "Update" to confirm.

Edit the section below for each webinar schedule.

Note: You need to open a new tab then go to your webinars page again to get the registration links easily. Click My Webinars to open a new tab.

In My Webinars, click on the Share button to get the registration link for each webinar, then click Copy Link.

In the page builder, highlight the text where you will paste the registration link. Click the link icon then paste the registration link on the blank space shown, then click Save.

The registration page with the hyperlinked text will appear like this.

The other elements on the registration page like the host details and background photo can be edited too. Please check the complete guide here. Once done editing, click Save.

Share your webinar registration link

In My Webinars, click the "Share" button of your main webinar to get the registration link and share it to your list.

You can also click the social media icons below to share the webinar to your preferred social media platform.

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