Run a hybrid webinar

Combine a pre-recorded video with live chat interaction

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A hybrid webinar runs on a pre-recorded video. This type of webinar allows hosts to interact with their attendees on live chat as they watch the video! The host can also take advantage of the questions area, as well as set up polls and offers.

Note: The host cannot go live on camera with this type of webinar.

Step 1: In My Webinars, find the webinar you wish to start, then click the Enter Studio button to the right.

In the studio, you'll see an image on the webinar screen where the video will be when it starts.

Step 2: Once you're ready, click Start Broadcast in the top right corner of the page or the center. Your pre-recorded video will start playing.

Step 3: As the video plays, you can use the chat area and communicate with your attendees. Click here to learn more.

Step 4: While the video plays, your attendees can post on the questions area on the right side. You can respond by clicking Answer by Email

or click on the three dots icon to convert question to message and answer it on chat.

You may also take a look at using the polls, offers, and handouts.

Note: When the video ends, you can still keep the broadcast running to interact with your attendees and answer their questions.

Step 5: Once you're done, click Stop Broadcast in the top right corner of the page.

Step 6: Your webinar will end and a replay will be processed within 2 hours. You can also view your statistics.

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