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Invite people to present live on your webinar, before it starts.

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You can add co-presenters to any live webinar in advance. Adding presenters before you publish a webinar will automatically include their name on your registration and thank you pages.

Presenter option

  • Chat - Communicate with webinar attendees via text in the chat area.

  • Screen-share - Initiate screen-share. The host can maximize the screen-share stream and/or change the webinar's video stream layout.

  • Mic and camera toggles - The toggles for your mic and camera appear at the bottom of your own video stream when you hover your cursor over it. You can click these toggles to disable or enable your devices.

To add a presenter

Step 1: In My Webinars, click Create New Webinar.

If you're adding a presenter to an existing webinar, click Options to the right of the webinar title, then click Edit Webinar.

Step 2: Click Add Presenter.

On the popup window, enter the presenter's name and email address.

Edit the invitation email to your liking.

Use the email tags on the right to auto-populate your message with various details about the webinar. Simply click to add.

Once done, click Save.

Click Add Presenter again to add more, if necessary.

Step 3: Enter all other necessary information, such as title, date and time, and if the webinar is going to be free or paid.

Step 4: When you're done, click Create Webinar.

Once the webinar is published, presenters will automatically get their invitation email, which includes a direct link to the webinar studio. They do not need a WebinarNinja account to join your webinar.

Presenters can enter the studio 30 minutes before it starts.

If the webinar is already published, presenters will get the invitation email after you update the webinar.

To edit or remove presenters

In My Webinars, go to Options, then Edit Webinar to the right of the webinar.

Click the envelope icon to the right of the presenter you want to edit.

On the popup window, edit their name and email address as well as the invitation email, if desired.

Then click Save.

To remove a presenter, click the trash can icon to the right of the presenter you want to remove.

Then click Update Webinar.

Note: In addition to the presenter invitation email, presenters will also receive email notifications from the webinar.

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