Create a Live Webinar

How to set up a single live webinar

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Step 1: From My Webinars, click the blue Create New Webinar button.

Step 2: Select the type of webinar you want. In this case, Live.

Step 3: Fill in webinar details. Enter a title, choose the date and start time, and duration. The default timezone can be changed in Account Settings.

Note: The maximum duration of your live webinar depends on your current plan.

Optional: To add a presenter, click Add Presenter. Learn more about adding a presenter here.

Optional: To create a paid webinar, select Paid and set a price. You must integrate with Stripe to do this.

Step 4: Click Create Webinar.

Note: The created webinar is a draft. Publish the webinar to get it ready for registrations or to make it public. The webinar can be edited even after publishing until 30 minutes prior to the start time.

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