Compress Large Video Files

Use a free, third-party video converter to compress large video files for your pre-recorded webinars.

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Videos that are uploaded for pre-recorded webinars are limited to 2GB. If a video file exceeds this limit you can make the file size of your video smaller.

A third-party video converter such as HandBrake (a free open-source software) can be used to compress the file without compromising quality.

Compress video files using HandBrake

Step 1: Download HandBrake and choose the version for your OS from

Step 2: Open HandBrake from your applications.

Step 3: Select the file you want to compress. A file browser window should open automatically to select your video file. You can drag and drop the file or you can click File - Open a Single Video File to select a file from your computer's drive.

Step 4: Choose your video settings. You may change the video format (*.webm,*.mov, or *.mp4), presets (default preset is Fast 1080p 30), dimensions, and other video settings to your preference.

Step 5: In Save As, you can name the file and select the folder to which the compressed file will be saved by clicking Browse.

Step 6: Click Start Encode.

The file will load automatically for a few minutes depending on the length of the file. On the lower portion of the app, you’ll be able to see the status of your conversion when it is finished.

Learn more about using HandBrake from this help article.

Upload video files to the Media Library

Once you've compressed your video files, you can upload them to your Media Library and use them for your webinars.

Click the Media Library icon (third icon from the top) on the left sidebar.

Go to Videos then click Add Video option on the page, and browse from your computer's drives.

Note: Supported video files are *.webm, *.mov, *.mp4, or *.m4v with a size limit of 2 GB.

Hover on each thumbnail to display the option to Preview, as well as the options to download and delete.

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