Archive a Webinar

Temporarily remove webinars from your account.

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Archiving a webinar removes it from your My Webinars page and cannot be registered for or attended.

You can cancel a webinar this way, but you will want to send the registrants an email first to let them know.

To archive a webinar

Step 1: Find the webinar you want to archive. Click the 3 dots to the far right of the webinar title, then click Archive.

Step 2: A prompt will pop up for you to confirm. Click Archive and it's gone!

You can easily restore an archived webinar should you need to recover it, along with any registrants and replay.

To restore an archived webinar

Step 1: Click the Archived Webinars tab to see all of your archived webinars.

Step 2: Find the webinar you want to recover, then click Restore.

You will see a message that your webinar has been restored. Click the Upcoming Webinars tab to see your webinar.

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