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Read through our easy and secure registration processes and discover different options to personalize your registrants' experience.

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How It Works

After you publish your webinar, your next step is getting people to register. The good thing is your landing page as well as your registration link is pre-created for you!

You can invite people to your webinar by sharing the registration link via email or to different social media platforms.

The default registration page is customizable. Click here for more details.

You can also change the text on your CTA button from your webinar settings. Check the step-by-step instructions here. This is applicable for both free and paid webinars.

If you prefer people to register for your webinar on your own site, you have the option to embed the registration form!

The title and the scheduled date and time among other details are found on the registration page of the webinar.

The "Show in my timezone" link on the page converts the scheduled date and time to the local time zone of the registrant.

Free webinars

The register button will prompt the registrant to enter their name and email address, and other required information if there's any.

To confirm the registration, registrants need to go through a 2-step verification process by default.

A verification code or one-time password will be sent to their email address.

The code needs to be entered onto the registration form to complete the process.

Note: You can disable the 2-step verification process by contacting the support team. Old registrants will no longer be prompted for verification if they are registering for a webinar by a host they’ve registered for in the past.

Paid webinars.

For a paid webinar, payment details are entered after the registration info.

Note: The 2-step verification process is not required for paid webinars.

GDPR Compliance

You have the option to enable Subscriber Consent to satisfy the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your registrants will see the GDPR Subscriber Consent tick box on the form as they fill in the registration form for your webinar. To proceed with the registration, they must agree to the following:

I consent to receive emails to notify me about this event as well as possible promotional emails. I understand I can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

Thank You Page

Adding webinar to calendar

After the above registration process, registrants will be redirected to the Thank You Page where they can add the event to their calendar. Note that this will not apply if you are using your own custom thank you page.

They will also receive a registration confirmation email as well as other reminder emails as the webinar approaches. These emails contain the unique link to access the webinar.

Another way for registrants to add the event to their calendar is to click the unique access link from the registration confirmation email to get to the Thank You page to see the option to save the date to the calendar.

The "Add to Calendar" button will show different calendar invite options.

Choosing Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar will open another tab and prompt registrants to log into their calendars. Clicking Microsoft Outlook or iCal will prompt to download and save a calendar file (.ics).

In any case, registrants can set a reminder in their calendars so they don't miss the webinar.

Note: Adding a series webinar to the calendar will only save the first session. Refer to the registration confirmation email to manually add the other sessions.

Custom Thank You Page

You can also redirect registrants to a page you prefer. Click the options icon beside the webinar then click on Webinar Settings. On the next page, click on Redirect to your custom thank you page under Thank You Page. Learn more about Custom Thank You Page here.

Additional Registration Form Fields

The registration form collects the name and email address of your registrants by default but you can gather more details from registrants with additional fields to the registration form of your webinar. Click option beside the webinar, then click on the Registration form. The next page will show you the option to add more fields. Check out this article for more info.

Other Registration Options

Embeddable Registration Form

You have the option to let people register from your own website or a custom landing page, just embed our registration form! People can sign up then & there with their name and email address.

Once registered, they will receive a confirmation email with their unique link and other details about the webinar. Here's how to do it.

Note: You cannot embed forms for paid webinars.

Manually Adding Registrants

This feature is beneficial if you want to add an existing contact list to your webinar or add selected people for free to your paid event. Check this article for the complete guide.

Important notes: By adding people to your registrant list, you are asserting that you have consent to email them.

Adding registrants without such permission may result in the immediate termination of your account.


Deregister and Unsubscribe


We have a secure registration process to make sure that all your registrants are legitimate. However, if ever you encountered unwanted registrants, you can remove them from your statistics.

Click Options to the right of your webinar, then click View Statistics.

Scroll down to see your registrants list. To the far right of each registrant is the option to deregister them from your webinar.


Registrants will receive emails from the webinar they signed up for. There will be a link at the bottom of each email that allows them to deregister from the webinar.

They can click the link to be removed from the webinar, and unsubscribe from all emails regarding that webinar.

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