Create an On-Demand Course

Add on-demand sessions to your course on CourseNinja.

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Create an on-demand course that students can "attend" whenever! You can use a YouTube video, upload a video from your computer, or select a recording from past live webinars.

Step 1: Click Create Course in the top right corner of your screen. You can also click the Create Course button on the dashboard.

Step 2: On the pop up box, enter a title, check the instructor name, and choose if you want the course paid or free. If you choose paid, set a price.

Step 3: Click Add Session to start laying out the curriculum. Enter a title for the first session and select On-Demand.

Step 4: Add a description for the session, then add a video file. Choose a video from Uploaded, YouTube, and Replays. See this guide to uploading videos.

As an additional option, you can add a downloadable handout. Click Add File and you can either upload a new document or choose from previously uploaded documents.

Step 5: Click Add Session to save it.

Repeat steps 3-5 to add more sessions. Click Save and Continue to proceed to the next step.

You can also click Save Draft and Exit to get back to it later.

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