Customize Your Course Thank You Page

Customize the confirmation page your students see after signing up for your course on CourseNinja.

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Customize the thank you page

To open the landing page editor, go to the My Courses page and scroll down to find the course you want to edit under Published Courses, Past Courses, or Drafts.

Click Manage Course to the right of the course title, then select Thank You Page Template from the drop-down menu.

Title section

  1. Title and description - Click on each text block to edit it and see the available formatting options. All languages are supported in any customizable text block.

    Text formatting options

    1. Font

    2. Text size

    3. Text color

    4. Text highlight color

    5. Text styles - Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike

    6. Text alignment - Left, Center, Right

    7. Link - Add a hyperlink

    8. Clear formatting

    9. Undo and Redo

    10. Short tags - For auto-populating with course-specific details

    Short tags such as {Course Title} auto-populate any text block with course-specific details and will automatically update with any changes. Click the short tag icon among the text formatting options to bring up all the available short tags.

  2. Background - Choose from the options in the upper left corner to configure the title section as well as the background.

    1. To disable the entire title and background section, click the Change Section Parameters icon (the 3 dots button) then click the toggle that comes up.

    2. For the background, click Change Section Image and choose from the WebinarNinja Gallery or My Gallery. The latter contains images from your Media Library and from here, you can also upload a new image up to 25 MB. Supported formats are .jpg, .gif, .png.

      Note: The background image will be truncated to fit depending on the amount of text in this section and/or the size of the viewer’s screen.

      To change the background color overlay, click Change Section Background. You can choose a color and/or adjust its opacity.

Course details

  1. Text block - Use this text block for any purpose such as how they should prepare for the session and/or what to bring.

  2. Student Portal button - Click the button to change its colors. To edit the text, see below.

    Note: This call to action button will lead to the session room 10 minutes before it starts. Otherwise, it will lead to their student portal where they can access all the courses you created that they registered for.

  3. Course curriculum - This section gets auto-populated with the details of each session in the course. Click anywhere inside the block to bring up color options.

Share section

The social media icons allow anyone to easily share the course to their own social media profiles.

Click the Change Section Parameters icon on the left to hide this section.

Preview the thank you page

See what the page would look like for registrants by clicking the "Preview" button in the top right corner. A new tab will open showing a preview of the page.

Save the thank you page

Go back to the page editor and click Save and Continue.

Edit the Student Portal button

Changing the text on the registration buttons is done from the Course Settings page.

  1. From the My Courses page, find the course that you're setting up. Click Manage Course to the right of the course title, then click Course Settings.

  2. From here you can change the text on the Student Portal button found on your thank you page.

  3. If you want to save these settings as default for all your courses, click the checkbox, "Use these settings as default for all my courses."

  4. Once done, click Save.

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