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Manage Registrants and Attendees During a Live Webinar
Manage Registrants and Attendees During a Live Webinar

View the list of your registrants and attendees in the webinar studio

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You can check to see who's signed up and joined your webinar before you start broadcasting, or during the webinar. You can also see attendee names as they log in, right in the webinar Studio.

In the Studio, you'll see the number of attendees and registrants on the top right corner of the chat area.

Click on the numbers to see the list of attendees and registrants. The tab on the left is the list of attendees that are present on the live webinar. The tab on the right is the list of all registrants of the webinar.

Clicking the attendee's avatar brings up the options to send a message, ban, or make the participant a presenter. Click Make a presenter to let the attendee share their webcam, mic, and screen with the rest of the audience. Click Ban, and the registrant or attendee will be removed from the webinar and denied access to rejoin. You can also type in the message box to send a private message.

You can unban a banned attendee by clicking Registrants right beside Attendees. Click the name of the attendee, then click Allow back into webinar.

You can always see who registered for and attended your webinars on your Statistics Page.

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