Publish Your Course

When you're ready to take registrants for a course you created on CourseNinja, publish it!

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Courses need to be published before students can register for it.

Publish a newly created course

To publish a newly created course. Go to the My Courses page then create a new course.

Once you've filled out the Course Details, and set up the Sales page and Thank You page you will see the Publish Course button on the Review and Publish page.

Click on Publish Course to publish your newly created course.

Publish a course in Draft

Go to the My Courses page then click the Drafts tab.

Look for the course you would like to publish then click Publish Course.

A message will appear confirming if you would like the course to be published. Click the Publish Course button to confirm.

Once published, the course will be found in the Published Courses tab.

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