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Add a Video to Your Course Registration Page
Add a Video to Your Course Registration Page

Get more registrants by adding a video to the landing page for your course on CourseNinja.

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Add an uploaded video, YouTube video, or webinar replay to your registration page.

Step 1: Open the Page Builder

On the My Courses page, find the Course you want to edit. Click Manage Course, then select Registration Page Template from the drop-down menu. On the next page, you will see the page builder.

Step 2: Add a Video

Hover your cursor over the video placeholder and an Insert Video icon and Insert Image will appear. Click on the Insert Video.

By default, it will show the videos that are available in your Media Library. But if you do not have any videos yet, Click on Add New Video. A YouTube video or uploaded video can be added.

To add a YouTube video enter a YouTube URL then click Add YouTube Video and then paste the YouTube link here.

Enter a name for your video to refer to inside the app. Enter a start time and end time if you want to show only a part of the video.

Click Add Video to add the YouTube video on your registration page.

Upload a video by clicking Browse Files and then upload the video. Supported video files are *.webm, *.mov, *.mp4, or *.m4v with a size limit of 2 GB.

After uploading the video add a Video Name and then click Add Video.

Select from Library

If you already have a video that is already added to your Media Library, you can use it on your Registration page.

Click Select From Library beside Add New Video. Choose from an uploaded video, YouTube video, or webinar replay.

Remove an added video by clicking Remove Media.

Step 3: Save the Registration page

Click Save and Continue to save your registration page. Once saved, the edited version will be saved as your registration page.

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