You can import a list of new registrants via bulk .csv upload, or manually add registrants one at a time to your webinar. This feature works with Live, Hybrid, Series, and Automated/Watch Now webinars

Once you add a registrant, they'll automatically receive a confirmation email letting them know they are registered.

You can also use this feature to give free access to a registrant for your paid webinar. Once you add a registrant from your end, the registrant can simply use the webinar link in the email to join the webinar free of charge.

Important note: By adding people to your registrant list, you are asserting that you have consent to email them.

Importing or adding registrants without such permission may result in the immediate termination of your account.

In My Webinars, locate the webinar to which you want to manually add registrants, then click Add Registrants under the webinar title.

You must check the box declaring "I have consent to email these contacts" to proceed.

You have the option to import a .csv file of your list, or manually enter an Email address and Name.

For .csv imports, click the drop-down box to select the corresponding fields to match your file. You also have the option to not import a certain field.

The required field in the form should be included in the csv file. If any registrant of a batch (csv) registration has missing required info, the registration will fail for that registrant.

Click Continue once done.

You will then see the registrants you imported and the mapped fields. Click the Delete icon to remove unwanted registrants from the list. Click Add Registrants to proceed.

GREAT WORK! You have successfully added new registrants to your webinar.

The added registrants will receive a confirmation email informing them that they are registered, with the link to join your webinar.

You can click View Registrants to review the additions.

Note: For automated webinars, the +Add Registrants option will only register the uploaded contact list to the "Watch Now" option. If your automated webinar has no "Watch now" option, the list of registrants will be added to the earliest upcoming schedule of the automated webinar.

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