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To get to Statistics, click the graph icon on the left sidebar.

...then choose the webinar you want to check from the drop-down menu.

You can also find the webinar in My Webinars. Click Options to the right of your webinar, then click View Statistics.

Quick Stats

Here you'll see the number of unique visits to your registration page*, registrants, attendees, and replay attendees.

*This counts visits only to registration pages WebinarNinja provides, not external pages in which you've embedded our registration form.

Conversion and Engagement

Conversion Rates

Here you'll see a snapshot of sign up rates, show up rates, and replay show up rates.

You'll also find a graph, and the option to display and compare unique visits, registrants, attendees, and replay attendees.


Click the Engagement tab to see how many attended your webinar, watched the replay, participated in chat, and more. You can click on the numbers to see the list of registrants who took each action.

Below that is a graph to compare attendance with chat participation, attendance with replay attendance, and more. Explore the options to get the insights you need.

Registrants and Attendees

See the list of all your registrants and attendees here, with their name and email address, along with the date they registered for and joined your webinar.

To the far right of each registrant is the option to deregister them from your webinar.

If you customized your registration form with additional info, you will also find it here.

Chat and Questions

See all chat messages here, both public and private.

Click the Questions tab to find all open and answered questions.


To the right of Chat and Questions, you'll see your poll results.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at support@webinarninja.com.

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