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Engage your audience by adding poll questions to your webinar

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Quickly survey your audience's interests, opinions, and experience with easy instant polls. When a poll question is posted, it will be immediately visible to attendees.

Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: From the My Webinars page, find the webinar to which you want to add polls. Click Enter Studio.

Note: For Automated and Series webinars, click Show All, then click the Play icon to the right of the webinar to enter the studio.

Step 2: On the next page, a popup window showing your mic and camera settings will appear. You can skip this part for now, and click Enter Studio.

Step 3: Click the Polls tab on the right side beside your live camera feed. Click Create New Poll

Step 4: Type in the poll name, a question, and at least 2 possible answers.

Add more answers by clicking +Add Answer.

Step 5: Choose “Share number of voters” to let the audience see exactly how many people voted in raw numbers, or choose “Share percentage only” to show only the percentage of total voters who chose each answer.

Step 6: Click Save.

When you create and save a new poll, it is disabled by default. Click the toggle beside the poll title to enable it.

You can enable polls before, or anytime during, the webinar. Once enabled, the poll is visible and answerable to attendees.

Pro tip: Keep your polls, offers, and handouts available on the replay by toggling them on before ending a webinar. Toggling them off won't show them in the replay.

You can click the clock icon to set a timer that automatically enables and displays the poll at a time of your choosing during the webinar.

Choose how long after the webinar start time you want the poll to appear, then click Update.

Once the poll is enabled, it will be labeled as LIVE. When a poll is Live, webinar attendees will be able to see and answer the poll.

You can add more polls by clicking Add New Poll.

You can edit your poll by clicking the Edit Poll icon.

You can delete your poll by clicking the Remove Poll icon.

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