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Using the questions area in a live webinar

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Rather than have your attendees' questions get buried in the chat area, have them post in the dedicated questions area for you to look at during the designated Q&A part of your webinar.

In the webinar studio, you’ll find questions from attendees filtered separately from chat messages. As soon as any of your attendees post a question, it will appear in the open questions area.

When you’re ready to start answering questions, click the Questions tab on the right side of the studio.

Click Record Answer, then start answering the question live. This will mark the exact time on your webinar when you verbally address the question. This way, replay viewers can skip to that precise moment of the webinar.

When you're done, click Stop Answering.

You may also mark a question as “answered" without recording your answer. You may use this for duplicate questions. Just click the ellipsis (...) to the right of a question, then click Mark Question as Answered.

Inappropriate or awkward question? You’ll also see the Remove Question option. Use this to delete the question, if desired.

Attendees can ask a question in two ways:

  • Clicking the + icon next to the text box in the Chat area.

  • Entering a question directly in the text box of the Questions area

Host and attendees can also upvote/unvote questions. This allows you to see which are most popular.

You can disable upvoting by clicking the ellipsis (...) right below the Question tab.

Simply uncheck the option Allow attendees to upvote.

To disable the Questions Area completely, click the EnableQuestions toggle.

In Automated or recorded webinars, you can answer questions inside the webinar studio anytime. You will be responding via a direct email to the attendee who posted the question.

Click here for the complete guide to answer questions offline.

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