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The webinar studio is the place from which you broadcast your presentation and engage with your attendees.

To get there, find your webinar under My Webinars. Then click Enter Studio to the right of the webinar title.

For a Series webinar, first, click Show All to the right of the webinar title. Then click the play icon to the right of your chosen webinar session.

Here are the different functionalities of a live webinar studio:

Webinar Stream

In the webinar studio, you'll find your live video stream, which isn't visible to attendees until you click Start Broadcast. For attendees, the stream is initially grayed out with the webinar title over it.

Above the stream is the webinar's current state and title. You will also find the status of your connection to our servers, as well as the button to start and end the broadcast. The button is disabled until 30 minutes before the webinar start time.

As your webinar approaches, a countdown timer will display over your video stream.

Underneath the webinar stream is the Reconnect option, which functions similarly to the Reset Webinar button in the studio settings. This is a troubleshooting option in case you lose connection.

Hover over your live video stream to show the toggles for your camera and mic at the bottom.

Live Webinar Tools

On the sidebar to the left of the webinar stream are live webinar tools:

Share Screen

The screen icon on the left sidebar is the Share Screen tool. Click here for a full guide to sharing your screen.

Upload Slides

The flip chart icon is for presenting slides. Here's a full guide to uploading and presenting slides.

Upload Video

The play icon is for playing recorded videos. See this guide to uploading and playing recorded videos.

Manage Presenters

The head icon is for adding and managing presenters. Learn about getting presenters onto your webinar in this guide.

Change Layout

When broadcasting 2 or more streams, you can change the screen layout. Click the boxes icon at the bottom of the left sidebar to see the available options.

Engagement Tools

To the right of the webinar stream are tools to engage with your attendees:


Here you'll find public chat messages for everyone to see, as well as messages sent privately to you by attendees. More about Chat here.

You will also see your current online attendees/registrants here. Please note that the numbers may change depending on who's online inside the studio. The changes take effect in real-time.


Attendees can post their questions here during the webinar, so they're not buried in the general chat area. You'll see both open and answered questions. You can also designate any questions asked in the general chat area as Questions, which will reproduce them in the Questions area. More about Questions here.


Post polls before or during the webinar to learn more about your attendees. More about Polls here.


Create a sales offer or Call to Action that leads attendees to your website, a checkout page, or your booking calendar. More about Offers here.


Upload documents for your attendees to download. More about Handouts here.


When entering the studio, the first thing you'll see is a popup from which you can configure studio settings. You can open settings again by clicking the gear icon on the sidebar.

Video and Audio

Microphone - There's a toggle to mute/unmute your mic. You can choose your preferred mic from the drop-down menu if you have multiple microphones connected.

Use the visual mic meter to see if your preferred mic is working. It will react visually to your voice; if there's no sound, you will see no movement.

Speakers - Click Test and you'll hear a soundcheck. Make sure you can hear it! This is especially important when you have presenters.

Can't start your broadcast? - If you lose your connection during a webinar, you can click Reset Webinar to get back to where you left off. The webinar will keep running, and your attendees will remain on the webinar page.

If the studio does not detect the host for 10 minutes or more, the webinar ends automatically.

Camera - There's a toggle to disable/enable your camera. Choose your preferred camera from the drop-down menu if you have multiple cameras connected.

Use the camera preview to set up your camera and make sure it's working.

Advanced Settings

Enable chat - This lets attendees interact with you and other attendees during the webinar.

Show attendees count on the attendee page - Lets attendees see how many people are on the webinar at the moment.

Allow attendees to request to become presenters - Lets attendees request to share their webcam, mic, and screen to address the audience.

Allow attendees to send me private messages - Lets attendees send you private messages or questions

Enable questions - Let attendees post questions in the dedicated Questions area

You can also enable upvoting, so attendees can bring the most popular questions to your attention. You can then view questions in order of votes instead of chronologically.

There's a checkbox that lets you save your preferred settings for future webinars by clicking "Make these settings default for all of my webinars."

Test Connection

Click Run Test to check your connection to our servers. It will also check your audio and video devices, as well as the quality of your stream. See this guide for technical recommendations.

Click Save Settings to save any changes and close the popup.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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