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An overview of the functionalities available in our live webinar studio

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The webinar studio is where you present your webinar and interact with your attendees. To access the studio, locate your webinar under My Webinars and click on Enter Studio next to the webinar title.

For a Series webinar, click Show All next to the series title and then select the desired session by clicking the play icon.

Webinar Stream

The studio provides a live video stream that is not visible to attendees until you click on Start Broadcast. Prior to this, attendees see the stream as a grayed-out box with the webinar title. Above the stream, you'll find the webinar's current state and title, as well as the status of your connection to our servers. You'll also see the button to start and end the broadcast, which is only enabled 30 minutes before the webinar start time. A countdown timer appears over the video stream as your webinar approaches. If you experience connection issues, you can use the Reconnect option located beneath the video stream.

Webinar Tools

On the left sidebar, you'll find various tools for presenting and managing your webinar:

  • Share Screen: Use the screen icon to share your screen with attendees.

  • Upload Slides: The flip chart icon allows you to present slides during the webinar.

  • Upload Video: Use the play icon to play pre-recorded videos.

  • Manage Presenters: The head icon lets you add and manage presenters for your webinar.

  • Change Layout: If you're broadcasting multiple streams, use the boxes icon to change the screen layout.

Engagement Tools

On the right sidebar, you'll find tools to engage with your attendees:

  • Chat: The chat tool lets attendees send public and private messages to you and each other.

  • Questions: Attendees can post their questions here, and you can designate any questions asked in the general chat area as Questions.

  • Polls: Post polls to learn more about your attendees.

  • Offers: Create sales offers or calls to action that lead attendees to your website or booking calendar.

  • Handouts: Upload documents for your attendees to download.


When you first enter the studio, a popup appears where you can configure studio settings. You can access these settings again by clicking the gear icon on the sidebar.

  • Video and Audio: Here, you can toggle your microphone and camera on or off, choose your preferred devices from a drop-down menu, and test your audio and video devices.

  • Advanced Settings: Enable or disable attendee interaction features like chat, presenter requests, and question upvoting.

  • Test Connection: Run a test to check your connection to our servers and ensure the quality of your stream.

  • Save Settings: Save any changes you make to the settings for future webinars.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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