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How to use chat and private messaging on a live webinar.

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In the webinar Studio, the chat area is right next to the webinar video. Here, attendees can chat with you, each other, and any co-presenters.

As a host, you can send public chat messages visible to all your attendees, and private messages visible only to a given individual.

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Public Chat Messaging

The chat area is available for live webinars as well as hybrid webinars

Simply type your message in the text box provided at the bottom of the chat area, and press Enter.

You can also use emojis by clicking the 😊 emoji icon in the text box.

Your own sent messages will appear on the right side of the chat area. All of your attendees’ messages will appear to the left.

A blue hexagon badge with an H appears on the avatar of the webinar host while a red hexagon badge with a P appears on the avatar of all presenters.

Pin, remove or convert a chat as a question by clicking the three dots beside their message.

When you pin a chat, the chat will always be shown on top. A pinned chat can also be unpinned by clicking the three dots again then clicking on "Unpin Message".

Convert a chat to a question by clicking "Convert message to question". Once a chat is converted to a question, the chat will also appear in the Questions tab.

Remove a chat message by clicking "Remove message"

You can disable all chat by clicking the ellipsis (...) on the right. This is useful when you want your attendees to completely focus on your presentation. Click the blue toggle next to 'Enable chat' to disable the chat. You can always toggle it back to enable the chat area.

Private Chat Messaging

You can use private chat to send a message to a specific attendee, that you do not want the other participants to see.

Webinar attendees are also able to send you a private message by clicking on your avatar in the chat area.

Click the attendee's avatar to send a private message. Simply type your message in the text box and press Enter.

You will find all of the private messages in the Private tab of the chat area.

You can also disable private messaging by clicking the ellipsis (...) on the right. Then untick the box beside "Allow attendees to send private message. " You can re-enable it anytime by ticking the same box.

Clicking the + option allows you to add Polls, Offers and Handouts.

Note: Once your webinar has ended, the chat area will remain active for 5 minutes for any further comments.

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