Add Custom Email Notifications

Add your own emails in addition to - or instead of - the default ones already in your sequence.

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In addition to the default email notifications, you can also create up to 10 emails of your own per webinar.

For a guide on how to edit the default email notifications, click here.

Getting to the email editor

Find the webinar for which you want to edit email notifications in My Webinars.

Click Options to the right of the webinar title, then click Email Notifications.

For series webinars, the above step will bring you to where you can find and edit the registration confirmation email for the entire series.

To find the rest of the email notifications for each session, click Show All to the right.

Click the options icon to the right of the particular session, then click Email Notifications from the drop-down menu.

Adding custom email notifications

Click Add Notification and a popup window will come up where you can create your own email notification.

Start creating an email with a reference name.

You can change which email address you want to receive replies at.

Choose the recipients of this email: all registrants, attendees, or non-attendees.

Enter a subject line for the email.

Choose to send the email manually at a later time, or set it to send automatically at a time relative to the webinar schedule.

Edit the message body to your liking.

Note: Images and HTML codes are not supported. Plain text formatting is available.

Use any of the tags on the right to automatically populate the email with webinar details. Simply click to add.

You can set this email as default for all webinars of the same type, by clicking the Save as Default toggle.

When you're done, click Save.

If you chose to send your email manually, you will see a Send Now button next to it.

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