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All you need to know about live session recordings on CourseNinja

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All live sessions in CourseNinja are automatically recorded so you don't have to remember to start or stop it!

After your live session ends, your recording will be ready to review and/or download.

To review a recording

1. Go to My Courses.

2. Click the Past Courses tab and find the course to which the session belongs.

3. Click See All Sessions.

4. Click Watch Replay to the right of the session you want to review.

To download a recording

1. Go to Media Library.

2. Click Videos then Replays and find the session you want to download.

3. Hover your cursor over the video thumbnail and click the download icon.

You can also click the Preview button on the video thumbnail to check the recording.

To reuse a recording for an on-demand session

1. Create a course and add a title for your course.

2. Click the + Add Session Button to add a session.

3. Add a title for your session and on the "Session Is" section choose On-Demand".

4. On the "Video" section click + Add video file button.

5. A pop-up will appear and then click on Replays. This will display all of your past recordings. Choose the recording that you want and then click the Add Video button. In case you would like to change the video after adding one, just click the Replace Video button and update the video.

6. Add a description for your session and then click the Save Session button to save.

How registrants can access a recording

Your course registrants will have two options to watch a recording of your live session.

1. The first option is to click the session replay link that they will receive after the live session ended. This will redirect them to the page where they can watch the recording.

2. The second option is to log in to their student portal. Look for the course then click View Course. From there, look for the session then click the Watch Replay button. Your registrant will then be redirected to the replay page to watch the recording.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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