Manage Screen Layout in CourseNinja

Choose your screen layout during your live session.

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When you open screen share, slides, play a video, or have students on screen, you can choose how these are laid out and appear.

Click the layout icon on the left menu to choose from 3 different layouts.

1. Presenter below view - shows one maximized stream with smaller streams underneath.

2. Presenter left view - shows one maximized stream with smaller streams on the left side.

3. Gallery view - shows 2 streams or more of equal size.

To maximize one screen, hover over it and click the expand icon. This will hide other streams if there are any.

Clicking the expand icon again will restore any hidden screens.

To make your screen larger and hide the chat area, click the collapse arrow on the right side of your screen.

Click back on the collapse arrow from the engagement tools menu to expand the chat area.

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