On your Courses dashboard, you will see all the courses you've created from Published Courses, Past Courses, Drafts, to Archived Courses.

You will also see at-a-glance statistics for all of your courses.

The graph in the middle of the page shows a visualization of these statistics below:

  1. Revenue - The total amount generated by paid courses.

  2. Total Students - The number of students registered for ALL free and paid courses.

  3. Paid Students - The total number of students registered for paid courses.

The Active Students section to the right of the graph shows a list of students who registered and participated in the most sessions.

You can configure the at-a-glance statistics with the filter selection right above:

  1. Courses: Show data for All Courses, Published, Past, or Archived

  2. Date range: Show data for All Time, Last 1 Week, Last 1 Month, or Last 1 Year

Finally, further down the page is where all your created courses are listed, sorted by 4 categories: Published Courses, Past Courses, Drafts, and Archived Courses.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at support@webinarninja.com.

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