Create a Recorded Series Webinar

How to create a series of pre-recorded webinars

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A recorded series webinar is composed of 2 or more pre-recorded webinars, that require only a one-time registration -- great for classes or courses!

Note: You can combine Live and Automated webinars in the same series.

From My Webinars, click the blue Create New Webinar button.

Select the type of webinar you want. In this case, Series.

Fill in the webinar details.

Enter a title for the series, the number of webinars, and choose whether the registration is going to be free or paid. For a paid webinar, you must first integrate with Stripe.

Scroll down the page and start setting up each webinar in the series.

Start with a title for the first webinar, choose a date and start time, and for the webinar type, click the radio button for Recorded.

Tip: The default time zone can be changed in Account Settings.

Click Add Video Files and choose a video to use on the webinar.

Note: Supported video files are *.webm, *.mov, *.mp4, or *.m4v with a size limit of 2 GB.

A window will pop up where you can choose videos from your Media Library.

You can also add or upload a new video instead by clicking Add New Video on the same popup window.

When adding a video from YouTube, you can set a start and end time to use only a part of the video. Note that the YouTube video must be public or unlisted, not private.

Choose if you want player controls available for your registrants during playback.

Scroll down and repeat the above steps for the remaining webinars.

When you're all set, click Create Webinar Series.

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