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Sign up for a webinar and add it to your calendar

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Registering for webinars couldn't be easier. Whether you've been sent a webinar link or found the webinar on the Webinar Finder, it's a snap!

Registering for a webinar

On the registration page of a webinar you will see the title and the scheduled date and time among other details.

Click "Show in my timezone" link on the page to convert the scheduled date and time to your local time zone.

Free webinars

To start, click the register button. You'll be prompted to enter your name and email address, and other required information if there's any.

To confirm your registration a verification code or one-time password will be sent to your email address.

Copy the code you received and enter it onto the registration form to complete the process.

Note: You will not be prompted for verification if you are registering for a webinar by a host you've registered for in the past.

Paid webinars

For a paid webinar, you'll enter payment details after entering your registration info.

Some webinars may need registrants to provide additional consent upon registration. Click the checkbox to consent then click Register.

After the above registration process, you will receive a registration confirmation email. The email contains your unique link to access the webinar. You may also receive a few more emails containing your unique link as the webinar approaches.

Adding the webinar to your calendar

Click your unique access link from the registration confirmation email to get to the Thank You page where you will have the option to save the date to your calendar. Note that some webinars may not have the same option.

Click the "Add to Calendar" button and you will get different calendar invite options.

Choosing Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar will open another tab and prompt you to log into your calendar. Clicking Microsoft Outlook or iCal will prompt you to download and save a calendar file (.ics).

In any case, you can set a reminder in your calendar so you don't miss the webinar.

Note: Adding a series webinar to your calendar will only save the first session. Refer to your registration confirmation email to manually add the other sessions.

To deregister and unsubscribe from a webinar

You will receive emails from the webinar you signed up for.

There will be a link at the bottom of each email that allows you to deregister from the webinar.

Click the link and you will be removed from the webinar, and unsubscribed from all emails regarding that webinar.

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