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Customize Landing Pages
Customize the call-to-action button on the registration and thank you pages
Customize the call-to-action button on the registration and thank you pages

Edit the button text on the registration button, the Add to Calendar button, the Join Webinar button, and more.

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Customize the text on the CTA buttons found on the registration page, registration form, and thank you page. All languages are supported.

Follow the steps below:

Go to My Webinars and click Options and then click Webinar Settings. On the Webinar Settings page, scroll down a bit to the section Edit Buttons Texts.

Registration Page

For the Registration page, you can edit the text of the registration button for free webinars and paid webinars.

Here's an example of an edited registration button.

Registration Form

For the Registration Form buttons, these are the buttons that will appear on the Registration Form. There's one button in the registration form for free webinars and two separate buttons for paid webinars.

Free Webinar Registration Button in the registration form.

Editable buttons for paid webinars in the registration form.

Paid Webinar Registration Button Step 1

Paid Webinar Registration Button Step 2

Thank you page

For the Thank You page, there are three editable buttons. The "Add to Calendar" button, "Join Webinar" button, and "Watch Replay" button.

Add to Calendar button - This button can be seen on the "Thank you" page after people register for your webinar

Join Webinar button - This button will appear 10 minutes before your scheduled webinar time on the "Thank you" page of your webinar.

Watch Replay button - This is the replay button that can be edited. Attendees can access this page via the replay link.

Optional: You can enable these settings as default for all new webinars that you'll be creating by clicking the checkbox for "Use these settings as default for all my webinars."

Once everything is good to go, click on "Save Changes"

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