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I can't see or hear the webinar host
I can't see or hear the webinar host

If you're having trouble with the webinar as an attendee, reloading the page is a quick fix!

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Remember, WebinarNinja is a web-based platform. Attendees don't need to download anything to join the webinar.

Like any streaming video, live webinar broadcasts may get interrupted. Live video broadcasts use quite a bit of bandwidth, so always check your internet connection.

We recommend a wired connection, but Wi-Fi is good as long as your signal is at 100%. If you're on a shared network, make sure no one is downloading, streaming videos, or playing frickin' Fortnite or something.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps:

1. Click Reconnect underneath the webinar stream to restart your connection to the webinar.

2. If you can see but can’t hear anything from the webinar, make sure your speakers or headphones aren’t muted, your preferred devices are selected in your computer settings, and that the volume is just enough to hear audio.

3. Check your Internet connection. Make sure you have a strong signal when connected via WiFi. Close any running apps that are consuming bandwidth.

4. Exit the webinar by closing the tab and all instances of the browser. Restart the browser. Log right back into the webinar using the webinar link from the registration confirmation email.

5. Clear your browser cache and cookies then log back into the webinar. For specific instructions, see these links:

6. Log in to the webinar using another browser. We recommend Chrome for the best experience, but you can use any other up-to-date browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

7. Log in to the webinar using other devices. The problem can be an outdated OS, especially on mobile devices. It's best to attend the webinar from a computer to optimize viewing, although WebinarNinja works natively on mobile phones.

8. If all else fails, connect to another network. Your network might have firewall settings preventing some elements of the app from functioning.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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