Add Custom Fields to the Registration Form

Gather more details from registrants with additional fields to the registration form of your webinar.

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Our webinar registration forms collect names and email addresses by default -- but you can collect any other information you want from registrants at signup! This works for all types of webinars, and all languages are supported.

Adding custom fields

Step 1: From the My Webinars page, click Options to the right of your webinar, then click Registration Form.

From here you can add custom fields. The two system-generated fields, Name and Email, cannot be changed (for user identification and spam protection purposes).

On the right side of the page is a real-time preview of what your registration form will look like.

Step 2: Enter the information you want to collect in your custom field (for example, you can type “phone number” or “company name”). Each field is limited to 30 characters. All languages are supported.

You can make a custom field required (as in, registrants MUST provide the information) by clicking the toggle next to it. Or, you can leave your custom field optional.

Click +Add New Field and type in a new to collect more information. You can add up to 10 additional fields of your choosing.

Sort the fields by dragging the three lines to the left of each field.

To remove a custom field, click the trash bin icon inside it.

If you want to apply these settings to all of your upcoming webinars, click the checkbox that says “Use this form as default for all my webinars.”

Step 3: Once done, click Save.

Here's how it looks on your registration page:

You are now ready to invite people to register for your webinar!

Embedding the registration form

The fields on your customized registration form, and any changes you make to the form, will still apply if you embed the form onto your own website or other external landing page. Here’s a guide to embedding on-site registration forms.

Downloading collected data

From the My Webinars page, click Options to the right of the webinar title, then click View Statistics.

The information you collected is found under “Registrants and attendees."

Note: In Statistics, the information you see will reflect only the current version of your registration form, at the time. For example, if you initially created a field, but later removed it, data from the field you removed is not included in Statistics.

However, when you export your Statistics data, all data from all form fields (even ones you removed) will be included in the .csv file. Any data you collect via custom form fields will always be available to export and download in .csv form.

To download the list, click Export to CSV.

What’s next?

You might want to edit the registration page of your webinar, if you're planning to use the registration pages provided.


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