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How to attend your course sessions and navigate your student portal.

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You can attend your course sessions in CourseNinja using any up-to-date browsers on your smartphone or computer through your student portal. This is the one place where you can access all your course details, download your handouts and attend live sessions with your instructor.

Logging into your student portal

After registering for a course, you'll be redirected to the Thank you page. Where you can click on Get to your Student Portal.

Enter your email address and password to log in to your student portal.

You can also find the login button in the confirmation email.

You will receive additional email reminders as each session in the course approach. Open any email from the webinar host, and you'll find each of the session links as well as the student portal link:

Once logged in, you will see the courses you enrolled in. Click View Course to access the course you are enrolled in.

Click More Courses from the “instructor” on the left to check out more published courses.

Click Learn More to register for another course you might be interested in. You will be redirected to the course's sales page where you can continue to sign up.

Attending a session

Step 1: Log in to your student portal. The student portal link can be found in the course's reminder emails.

Step 2: On your dashboard, find the course you wish to attend and click View Course.

Step 3: Click on Go to Session Room button to the right of the individual sessions.

You can enter the session room as early as 10 minutes before the start time. This is when the button to join and enter the session room will become available.

Navigating the Session Room

Once logged in, you will see the session screen and engagement area on the right side.

Send a message to all participants in the chat area.

You can send a private message to the instructor and have them message you back by clicking on the instructor’s avatar.

Hover your mouse over your chat message and click the ellipsis(three dots) on the side to edit or remove your message.

Ask questions in the Questions area to avoid them being lost in the general chat.

If applicable, respond to Polls in the 3rd tab on the right.

See if there are any Offers in the next tab.

Check out the handout the host may have provided on the Handouts tab to the right.

If enabled by the instructor, students can also attend on camera once the sessions start. Click the Start Video icon on the left menu to share your webcam, mic, and screen with the rest of the participants.

Change Your Avatar

Personalize your student portal by adding your avatar.

Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the left menu or click the profile icon at the top right corner of the page, then click Account Settings.

Step 2: Click the Change Avatar icon.

Step 3: Click Add Image. You can use images in .jpg format up to 25 MB.

Step 4: A window will appear from which you can select a photo from your computer.

Choose the one you want to use.

Step 5: Click the icons above your photo to crop, flip, rotate and zoom in/out before clicking Save.

A confirmation message will pop up and your uploaded photo will be immediately set as your avatar and saved in your account. You may need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Photos you uploaded will be saved on this page. You can select any saved images as your avatar by hovering your cursor over the image and clicking the check icon.

Remove any saved image by clicking the trash bin icon.

Change Your Password

Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the left menu or click the profile icon at the top right corner of the page, then click Account Settings.

Step 2: Under Account Settings, scroll down to change your password.

Step 3: On the New Password and Retype New Password fields, enter your new password then click on Update Password button.

Check your Billing Information

Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the left menu.

Step 2: Click Billing Info. You will see your Billing History here.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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