WebinarNinja allows you to create 4 distinct types of webinars: 

  • Live - available with all plans
  • Automated - available with all plans
  • Series - ¬†available on Pro, Plus, and Power
  • Hybrid - available on Plus and Power

Live webinar

With live webinars, you interact in real time with your audience through your mic and camera, as well as the chat, questions, and polls area. You can also share your screen, present slideshows, insert YouTube videos, and set up the offers area.

Automated webinar

An automated webinar is set up with a pre-recorded video. It can be scheduled to run every day, week, or month and it runs on its own.

The live chat is not available for this type of webinar. Instead, your attendees can send you an email for any comments and/or questions. You can also set up the polls area and the offers area.

Series webinar

A series webinar can run on pre-recorded videos or live. It is to be scheduled at multiple dates and times. People can register once and they will be registered for all the webinars in the series. Basically, it is a set of multiple live webinars, multiple automated webinars, or a combination of both.

Hybrid webinar

Hybrid webinars run on pre-recorded videos as you, the webinar host, interact with attendees in real time. As the video plays, you and your attendees can use the chat, questions, and polls area. You can also set up the offers area.

Learn more about each type of webinar in this collection.

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