With WebinarNinja, you can create 4 types of webinars, depending on your plan:









For guides to creating different types of webinars, click here.

Live Webinar

Live webinars are the most common type of webinar, with real-time interactivity between the host and attendees. You can be live on camera, or simply present a slideshow from off camera.

Live webinars include multiple engagement tools. You can share your screen, present slideshows, insert YouTube videos, and set up offers.

You can upload slides or insert videos at any time before the webinar starts. You can also set up polls and offers in advance.

Registrations to your live webinar remains open, even after it ends. This makes the webinar replay available to both current and new registrants. If you would rather limit or disable access to your webinar replay, you can do so in the webinar settings.

Automated Webinar

An automated webinar (also known as an evergreen webinar) is pre-recorded for viewing immediately after registration, or to automatically broadcast at specified dates and times.

Automated webinars can be scheduled to run at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week. They can also be made accessible to "Watch Now" at any time, up to an end date determined by the host.

You can use a YouTube video, a video uploaded from your own drive, or one of your previous live webinar recordings.

Place a YouTube URL (make sure it's unlisted or public, not private) or upload a video (.mp4 or .mov up to 2 GB) from your computer.

There's no live chat for this type of webinar. Instead, your attendees can send you an email from the webinar page by using the Questions area right underneath the video.

Set up polls and offers in advance for your attendees. You can do this any time before the webinar starts.

Series Webinar

A series webinar is composed of two or more individual webinar sessions packaged into a single experience. Each webinar can be either Live or Automated. A series webinar requires only a one-time registration from your attendees; once people sign up, they are automatically registered for all webinar sessions in the series. It's a great option for online courses!

Each webinar (session) can be scheduled at different dates and times.

You can also run an online summit using a series webinar, by adding different sets of co-hosts to each Live session.

Live Series Webinar

Like a regular live webinar, the host needs to present from the studio. Enjoy real-time interaction via the chat, questions, and polls area. You can also share your screen, present slideshows, insert YouTube videos, and set up offers. Live series webinars are automatically recorded for replay purposes.

Recorded Series Webinar

The host does not need to manually start a pre-recorded webinar. Just like a regular automated webinar, the previously uploaded video will start at the scheduled time. The chat is disabled, but you may set up polls and offers. On the questions tab, attendees will have option to send question to the host via email.

Note that as soon as a registrant signs up to your webinar series, they'll get a registration confirmation email containing all the links to each webinar. If you decide to add more webinars to the series, those already registered will not be registered for the newly added webinar; existing registrants to your series will have to manually register for any new webinars added.

Hybrid Webinar

A hybrid webinar allows you to broadcast a pre-recorded webinar while you interact with attendees in real time. While you cannot go live on camera with this type of webinar, you can chat with attendees and answer their questions while the video plays - either a YouTube video, or a previous live webinar replay.

As the host, you'll need to be in the webinar studio to start the webinar and interact with your attendees. Here's a guide to running hybrid webinars.

In the webinar studio, you can use the chat area to communicate with your attendees. Click here to learn more.

Attendees can submit questions in the Questions area, to prevent their being lost in the general chat.

You can also set up polls and offers to promote your business, product, or service.

You can run one hybrid webinar at a time- each up to 2 hours of broadcast.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at support@webinarninja.com.

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