See the total number of registrations you have gathered from your webinar by going to the Statistics page.

Step 1: Click the Statistics icon on the left menu in your account.

Step 2: Under Show Statistical Data For, select your webinar and you will find the statistics for your webinar.

For automated and webinar series, choose from the dropdown again to view the statistics for each webinar.

Step 3: Scroll to Registrants and attendees. Here, you'll see all the email addresses of those registered to attend your webinar. 

Next to each email address, the date and time of registration is shown, as is the date and time of attendance. N/A displays for registrants who did not attend. 

The icon to the right removes or blocks a registrant from attending the webinar. 

To contact registrants, clicking on an email address opens your local mail app. 

Click Export To CSV to download the list of these email addresses. 

Note: After exporting, you can sort the list to separate those who joined your webinar from those who did not. To do this, open the CSV file with a spreadsheet app then sort the Joined column. Those who attended the webinar will be shown with a date and time under the Joined column.

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