In the Questions area, your attendees can submit questions for you to answer on the webinar as well as review those questions later. 

This is a more organized alternative to simply asking them in the chat window. With this feature, questions are listed individually, along with your specific answers via video, comment, or email. This ensures that no question is missed or goes unanswered.

For information on using the Questions area during a webinar, click here.

To review and download your questions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click My Webinars on the left menu.

Step 2: You will be taken to the My Webinars page where you can view all previously run webinars. Click Past Webinars

Step 3: Look for the webinar for which you want to review questions. For live webinars, click Options to the right of the webinar then click View Statistics.

For automated and webinar series, click Show All then click the View Statistics icon to the right of the individual webinar.

Step 4: Scroll down the page to Questions where each question posted on the webinar, as well as their comments, are shown. Click Export to CSV to download the data as a .csv file.

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