You can use external landing pages as a registration page for your webinar by embedding the provided registration form. You can embed registration forms to free live webinars, webinar series, and hybrid webinars.

Note: The on-site registration form cannot be embedded for automated webinars, as well as paid webinars. Paid webinars do not work with this functionality. As a workaround, set up a button or a link on your website to send people to your paid webinar on WebinarNinja. That way, you can securely collect payment via our Stripe integration for paid webinars.

Creating a registration form template

Step 1: Click Integrations from the left menu.

Step 2: Click the Registration Form tab.

Step 3: Click Create New Template.

You will now find the tools to create a registration form template with the preview to the right.

Step 4: Set up the initial text for the registration form. Use the formatting options to your preference.

Step 5: Enter a text for the registration button.

Step 6: Choose a color for the registration button.

Step 7: Choose if you want the button to be Rounded or Rectangular.

Step 8: Click Yes if you want a solid background for your registration form. Click No if you want it to be transparent.

Step 9: If you clicked Yes above, choose a background color.

Step 10: Click Save. It is now ready to be embedded to your website!

Now you have a template to select.

Placing a registration form to your website

Step 11: Put your cursor over the template to bring up options. Click Copy Code.

Step 12: A popup window will appear where you can choose which webinar you want to use the template with. Click Get Code to the right of it. 

Note: If you do not see your webinar listed here, it may be unpublished. Publish your webinar first then try again. Also, if it is a paid webinar, it may not appear here.

Step 13: Now click Copy to Clipboard.

Step 14: Head over to your website and choose the page you want to add your form to. This is an HTML form, so you need to find where on your website you insert HTML. If you are not sure, call your website hosting provider. They can help.

In this example, we are going to embed the registration form on a page on WordPress. We are going to publish on a blog post titled Add Webinar Form

Navigate to the Text tab to enter the HTML code view.

Paste the code copied from WebinarNinja to the text area then publish the page.

The webinar registration form is now published on our website. 

That’s it! You’re all set. Your website now has a webinar registration form. Registrants will be sent to your WebinarNinja thank you page automatically once registered.

Those who register on your website with this form will automatically get added to your webinar registrants list and receive webinar email notifications via WebinarNinja.

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