October 2018

Our email notifications have been updated with an improved user experience and design. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Add new email notifications
  • Send new emails to targeted groups like all registrants, attendees, or non-attendees only
  • Send emails at a specific time relative to the webinar date and time. For example, "3 days after the webinar ends" or "2 hours before the webinar starts"
  • Trigger emails to be sent immediately
  • Send up to 10 custom emails per webinar in addition to the default emails
  • Easily deactivate default emails
  • Reset your email back to the WN default
  • And a whole lot more...

You can learn all about our updated email notifications in our helpful tutorials.

August 2018

A New & Improved Co-Host Invite Experience

With your feedback, as well as a ton of research and testing, we've made it even easier for your co-hosts to accept invites and gain studio access.

A new, modern default avatar for you and your attendees

When you and your attendees participate in the chat and questions, their avatar is no longer a slumped shoulder default avatar. It's colorful with the first letter of their name- making it more personal and distinct!

Detailed data now available for your polls

When you export your Polls CSV file from the Statistics area for your webinar, you can see not only the percentages and how many people voted for each answer, you can also now see who exactly voted for what.

July 2018

Email Integrations

You can now send your webinar registrants straight to your CRM tool. Here are guides for reference:

June 2018

Embed a registration form on your website

You wanted the ability to add your custom registration form to your website. This is now available for free webinars!

Integrate WebinarNinja with Sumo, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, or many others...

With our new Registration Form Embed feature, WebinarNinja now integrates with your favorite tools like these:

Thrive Themes
...or any tool that allows you to embed HMTL.

Improved Polls & Offers 

You wanted more focus on your Polls and offers. When you create a poll or show an offer, your attendees will now get a banner notification at the top of the video area. They can click it and instantly be sent to the poll or offer.

May 2018

Mic Volume Meter

Test your mic levels when you enter the studio! Keep the peak to around 40-60%

Q&A Time Stamping

When an attendee clicks on a question, they will go to the part of the replay where you answer the question! 

March 2018

ZERO DELAY and Precise Syncing Replays

Your replay will mirror your live webinar in every way!

Download the Replay file instantly

You can download the webinar as an MP4 file as soon as the webinar is over! You will find the replay available for download in the webinar Options dropdown menu. 

Total Video Control

Your attendees can now hit Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause or go Full Screen with your webinar replay!

Replays for Live Series Webinars

You asked for replays for series webinars. Replays for Live Series are now available.

Use a Replay for Automated Webinars and More

Did you kill your last webinar and now you want to use it to show to other attendees? Along with YouTube videos you can now use webinar Replays for Automated webinars, for Recorded Series Webinars and for Hybrid webinars too.

Start Broadcast Pop-Up Warning

We do not want you to start the webinar before you are ready! You will see a pop-up if you try to start the broadcast more than 5 minutes early! 

Thank You Page Forwarding

You can now send attendees to your own thank you page! You can add a tracking pixel here, videos, a special thank you message, a downloadable for the webinar or even an up-sell. The choices are endless!

Removed "Powered by WebinarNinja" in Footer

We removed the "Powered by WebinarNinja" from the bottom of your Registration and Thank You Pages for an even cleaner design.

February 2018

Registration & Live Attendee Lists in the Studio
You can see who is registered or attending live at any moment. You can even click on their name to reveal email and block options. You can also easily search for registrants and attendees to find them in a second.

Save Email Text as Default for Each Webinar Type
Do you want each registration email to contain the same information without typing it for all emails? We now have a new feature that will allow you to save the content of a particular email notification as default. This means you don't need to re-write your unique email copy every time you run a webinar.

Improved Avatar Upload Feature
We refreshed our Avatar Upload feature to allow you to upload several avatar photos. You can choose which photo you'd like to use for your account with one click at any time. 

January 2018

New Quick Registration Process
Registrants can now register in seconds by only providing their name and email.

Run webinars on Apple's Safari
WebinarNinja runs on Safari 11 on macOS High Sierra.

Attend Webinars on ALL Mobile Devices (Including iPhones + iPads)
Attendees can watch webinars and interact- chat, ask questions, answer polls and click on offers on mobile devices, including iPhones.

New Clean Login Design For Hosts
We made the login process even easier with a new login design.

Improved Social Sharing
We improved social sharing to display more info about your webinar when it is shared on social media. This includes your webinar splash image as well.

Start Broadcast Failsafe if Webinar is Not Published
We built a failsafe so you only see the Start Broadcast button in the Studio once your webinar is published. That way, you can only start your broadcast when you're ready to have your webinar go live.

December 2017

All live webinars are now available for you and your attendees! Your webinar, will look just like it did live! We let you control if the replay will be available and for how long. You can see our Support Tutorial here.

Mobile Viewing
Your attendees can now watch a live webinar on their mobile device. Your Polls, Offers, Chat and Questions will look amazing to your attendees on their devices.

Remove Feature Webinars
You asked, we listened. We have removed Featured Webinars in attendee accounts. Attendees will only see webinars that they signed up for. 

Broadcast 10 minute Failsafe
We understand that things happen - batteries die, internet connections fail, etc. You can restart your webinar for 10 minutes if you leave the webinar for any reason. 

Optional Social Sharing
We added the option to remove the social sharing from your webinar page. You now have control over the social sharing option for your webinar.

Questions / Polls / Offers are Available Before and After your Webinar
You need information from your attendees, before and after the webinar. You can now share the questions / polls and offers with your attendees before, during and after the webinar, as long as they are on your webinar page.

November 2017

Zapier Integration
You need a way to integrate with different programs, so we created an integration with Zapier! You can learn how to integrate all your favorite apps with WebinarNinja via Zapier with our helpful tutorial here.

Send / Not Send Email Notifications
You want to choose when and how to notify your customers. We now give you the option to choose if you would like a particular email notification to be sent or not sent to your registrants. You can learn more about this new feature in this helpful tutorial.

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