WebinarNinja can alert you via email whenever there's important activity on your account. Alerts can be sent when there's a new message from a fellow Ninja, a new webinar created by a favorite host, or when a webinar for which you've registered is about to begin. You can enable or disable any of these notifications. 

Note: the following applies to notifications sent to your personal email address, not your WebinarNinja account. For information about that, please see this article.

Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the left menu.

Step 2: You will be taken to your Account Overview. Scroll to Notification Settings.

Step 3: Click to enable or disable one or all of the options, as shown in the screenshot.

• New Webinars from subscribed hosts - As explained in this article, you can subscribe to other hosts and be alerted when they've posted new webinars. Enabling this will allow you to be notified of any new upcoming webinars from those hosts.

• New registrants for your webinars - Enabling this will allow you to be notified when there's a new registration for your webinars.

Step 4: Click on the blue Save Changes button.

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