Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the menu to the left.

Step 2: Under Personal Information, click Edit Profile.

Step 3: You will now see where you can edit your account details, including your account email address. Make any changes necessary. 

Step 4: Click Save.

Step 5: An email containing a validation link will be sent to your new email address. Click the link to validate your account and have full access to your account.

If you cannot find the validation email, be sure to check all folders in your mail including the spam folder. If you did not receive the validation email for some reason, your email provider may be blocking the validation email. Try changing your account email address instead and saving it.

Note: Changing your account email address does not change where our billing and mailing emails are sent to. This will only affect the email address you use to log into the platform with. If you are looking to change the email address where billing and mailing emails are sent, send us an email to

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