It is best to use Chrome or Safari when on a mobile device for optimal experience.

Attendees need to be sure their device is up to date. Those on an iOS device need to be on iOS 11 or higher. If you are receiving any error, please check for available updates. 

When you first log into the webinar on an iOS device you will be asked to allow your microphone. Be sure to allow it for you to be able to hear audio from the webinar. Your microphone will not be shared on the webinar.

Click Ok on the first prompt, then click Allow on the next.

Even though you are giving permission for your microphone, you will not be able to talk on the webinar. Once you have given the permission, you will be entered into the webinar. 

On any mobile device, you will experience the full webinar live, unless the host shows a YouTube video. Unfortunately, until mobile devices allows autoplay on videos, we are unable to stream YouTube videos to your mobile device. 

If the webinar has a replay available, look out for the replay email two hours after the webinar. You can then watch the same webinar as a replay and you will see the YouTube video played on the webinar.


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