The dashboard is the first page you see after logging in to your account. It provides an overview of your hosting activities. To the left is a collapsible menu that brings you to various pages and functionalities. You can click the Dashboard icon on the left menu at any time to return to this page.

At the top of the dashboard, you'll see the total number of webinars you've hosted since your account was opened. Next to that is the total number of registrants you've had for all webinars. There is also the +Create New Webinar button.

My Next Webinar shows basic webinar details of your next upcoming webinar. Only a published webinar is displayed here. There is the Enter Studio button for when you're ready to start the webinar and the Edit button which allows you to edit various webinar settings. These options are also found in the My Webinars page.

My Last Webinar also shows basic webinar details of your most recent webinar. The Stats button allows you to view various webinar data.

Statistics shows a quick view of webinar data in graph form. You can choose the webinar for which you want data from the dropdown menu.

Support is a convenient way to look for help center articles from within your account. Snippets of updates for WebinarNinja appear under What's New.

Lastly, My Registrations shows a list of webinars you're registered for. For each, you can click Open Page to go to the live event. Use the info icon to go to the webinar's registration page and see its details. Use the share icon to spread the word about the webinar. You can click Subscribe to follow the host of the webinar and be notified of upcoming webinars run by that host.

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