You can add any YouTube video to a live webinar in advance. This way, when the time comes, all you have to do is play!

Note: Only videos uploaded to YouTube are supported at the moment.

To insert a video:

Step 1: Click My Webinars, found on the left menu. You will be taken to the My Webinars page.

Step 2: Find the webinar for which you want to insert videos. Click Enter Studio, found to the right of the webinar. On the next page, a popup window showing your mic and camera settings will appear. You can skip this part for now, and click Enter The Studio.

Step 3: Click the Upload Video icon on the left menu. A window will pop up. Click Add New Video, and additional fields will appear.

Note: Be sure to set videos as Public or Unlisted. Private videos may not be visible.

Step 4: Paste a YouTube URL and enter a name (this is important should you need to differentiate between multiple videos). If you only want to show a part of the video, enter the start and end times. Otherwise, leave it blank. Click Save. 

Step 5: Immediately after inserting a video, it will appear under Saved Videos

Clicking Edit will allow you to change the name and specify the part of the video where you want it to begin. To remove a video, just click the small red button to the right.

To play the video:

Step 1: Click the Upload Video icon on the left menu to bring up all saved videos. Click Open on the appropriate video, and It will immediately start playing.

You can speak over the video, or mute your mic as the video plays, by clicking the mic icon that appears at the bottom of your camera feed.

Step 2: Initially, the video will be displayed as a thumbnail in the bottom left corner of your live camera feed, as seen below. To enlarge the video and minimize your camera feed, double-click the thumbnail.

To maximize the video and completely hide your camera feed, click the blue fullscreen button on the video. Click here to learn more.

Step 3: You may also click the Change Layout icon on the left menu to choose your preferred layout.

Note:  Due to an iOS restriction, inserted YouTube video on live webinars may not autoplay. Attendees on iOS devices may have to click the play button to view the video. Attendees are able to view the entire webinar (including the video) on the webinar replay, should you decide to leave it accessible for your registrants. 

You may also check our guide on Attending a Webinar on a Mobile Device.

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