Registering for webinars on WebinarNinja is easy. Just as easily, you can lose track of what webinars you're scheduled to attend! No problem- the My Registrations page allows you to see everything you've signed up for, displayed in a clear, organized way. You can also watch replays of the webinars you've signed up for from this page.

As soon as you log into your account, you will see the My Registrations page first. This is where webinars you are registered for are listed.

The Find Webinar tool allows you to search among the webinars to which you're registered.

Beneath that are all the upcoming webinars and replays you have access to, divided into two tabs. By default, Upcoming Webinars is displayed first. Simply click Past Webinars to see the previous webinars you can watch.

In either tabs, you can click Open Page to enter the webinar (in the case of a current live webinar) or watch a replay (in the case of a previous one). Next to that is Deregister if you no longer wish to attend the webinar or receive email reminders for it. There is also a Share icon for sharing the webinar via social media or email.

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