The time zone/timezone in your account is used to display webinar dates and times and billing schedule.

The registration page of your webinar will also show the date and time according to these settings, but there is a handy link for them to easily convert to their time zone.

To change your time zone:

Step 1: Click the Account Settings icon on the menu to the left.

Scroll down to 'Date and Time'.

Step 2: Select your preferred settings.

  • Select your time zone region.

  • Specify your time zone from the drop-down.

Step 3: Click Save Changes.

Daylight Saving

The time zone in your account adjusts automatically according to Daylight Saving. Whenever it takes effect, scheduled webinars in your account will not be adjusted automatically. You will need to reschedule your webinar when clocks are shifted.

For those who are in Arizona, USA where Daylight Saving is not observed, you can use the time zone, Americas / Phoenix [MST -07:00]. It remains at -07:00 throughout the year.

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