You can change your plan to meet your needs whenever you wish. All plans are paid in advance for their term and every time you change your plan, the credit card that you provided will be billed immediately. 

Any prorated adjustments will be applied automatically upon upgrading— but downgrades from any annual plan to a monthly plan are not provided with prorated adjustments. For more information, see our terms of service.

The types of plans we offer can be found here. To change yours, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click Account Settings on the left menu.

  • Scroll down to 'Current Plan', where you will see information about your subscription. From there, click Show.
  • You will be taken to another page showing the details of your subscription. Click Change Plan.

Step 2: Choose between our monthly and annual plans by clicking the toggle in the middle of the page, then click Start Plan underneath the one you prefer. You will be asked to confirm your account on the next page.

Step 3: Here you will see your account details. You may click Edit to update these information or simply click Continue.

Step 4: On this page is where you will be updating your billing and credit card information. Make any changes where necessary.

  • Be sure all the entered information is correct. Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then click the checkbox that says, 'I've read and agree...'.

Step 5: Click the button that says, Make payment and update your subscription.

You will get a confirmation that your plan has been successfully updated.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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