We know it's so easy to register to any WebinarNinja webinar now. But with ease, you lose track of each webinar and you may forget to sign in on time. My Registrations is a feature where you can find all the webinars you registered to in one place so you don't lose them. Be reminded when to attend to upcoming webinars or watch the replay if you haven't yet.

To get there, just click My Registrations on the menu to the left.

Here's what the next page should look like. What you'll see first is the search tool. You can use this to search within all the webinars you registered to.

Below search, you should see all the upcoming webinars and the accessible replays divided into two tabs. By default, Upcoming Webinars is shown first. Just click the Past Webinar tab and the view should switch to the ready-to-watch replays.

Whether you are in Upcoming Webinars or Webinar Replays tab, you will see all the webinars you registered to. If you would like to sign in and attend a webinar or watch a replay, just click the Open Page button. Next to that is the 'i' icon, clicking this will take you to the registration page of the webinar. Next is the share icon which will allow you to share the webinar to social media platforms or email.

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