In addition to your own marketing efforts, this exclusive WebinarNinja feature allows people to follow you as a Host. As soon as you publish a new webinar, your subscribers will receive automatic notifications- along with an invitation to register. The more subscribers you gather, the better the attendance will be at all of your webinars!

The My Subscriptions page lists each your subscriptions. From there, you can search for hosts, subscribe, and register for webinars. As a Webinar Ninja, you too can subscribe to other hosts whose work you enjoy. Everyone wins!

Under each host's name and image is a green Subscribe button that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe.

Next, each published webinar is listed, complete with buttons to get all the Registration page info (i), Register in one click, or Share the webinars on social media.

By encouraging people to subscribe, you can build a real following. Eventually, you'll have the chance to be listed as a Top Hosts in the Webinar Finder.

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