The Webinar Finder is an innovative tool that allows you to promote your webinars from within the platform.


  1. Apart from your own external marketing, you can use the Webinar Finder to gather more registrants. Here, all public webinars created in WebinarNinja are listed. All WebinarNinja users (hosts and attendees) have access. 
  2. You too can find and register for other hosts' webinars.
  3. Your webinars are also indexed on Google, making them available to an even wider audience.

All webinars are published either publicly or privately.

When your webinar is published publicly, anyone can find and register for it through the Webinar Finder. To learn how to publish your webinar publicly, click here.

When your webinar is published privately, it is not published on the Webinar Finder. Only the people that you actively provide with the registration page link will be able to find and sign in to your webinar. 

Featured Webinars are displayed at the top of the Webinar Finder page, with their respective Register buttons on top of the cover art. 

Below the featured webinars is the Find Webinars tool. Users simply type in any keyword, select a category (if applicable), and click Search. For example, if you type "promote" into the search field and leave the default "Any Category," all webinars related to "promote" will appear-  whether that applies to the host name, webinar title, or topic description.

Below the search tool is the Starting Soon section, featuring all the webinars that start within the next few minutes, hours, days, or weeks. To view all upcoming webinars within the current timeframe, click View All in the upper right corner.

Below the Starting Soon section are Popular Categories and Top Hosts. Popular Categories features the categories with the most webinars available. Top Hosts features the hosts with the most subscriptions . To see the rest, simply click View All at the top of each section. 

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