Set up the offers area on your webinar page with a call-to-action button to lead your attendees to your website, content, or sales page. You can do this anytime- even way before starting to broadcast your webinar. 

Choose to show the offers area immediately or specify how long into the webinar you want it to show.

Step 1: Click My Webinars, found in the left menu. You will be taken to the My Webinars page.

Step 2: Find the webinar to which you want to set up offers. 

For live and hybrid webinars, click Enter Studio, found to the right of the webinar.

For automated and webinar series, click Show All then click the play icon to the right of the individual webinar to enter the studio.

Note: For automated webinars, the offers area only needs to be set up at once and it will reflect on the rest of the webinars of the same group/set. For series webinars, each webinar in the series need to be set up.

Step 3: On the next page, a popup window showing your mic and camera settings initially appears. We are only here to set up offers so simply click Enter The Studio for now.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the Studio and click the Offers tab underneath your live camera feed. Click Create New Offer to begin setting up.

Step 5: Click the text area and type in details about your offer. Enter as much or as little info as you like. Basic formatting options are also available.

Step 6: Click the button right underneath the text area and a popup window will appear. Here, you can type what you want it to say and set it up with a link to your website, products, and/or services. You can also choose its color. Simply click outside of the popup window when you're done.

Step 7: The Show Offer toggle is set to show the offer by default. Click it to hide the offer. You can also specify the time when you want it to show automatically by typing in the fields provided. In the example below, the offers area is set to show automatically at 45 mins, 30 secs after the webinar starts.

Step 8: Click Save when you're done.

Once saved (or if toggled to be shown later on the webinar) a notification bar will briefly appear on the webinar screen for attendees to let them know about the offer posted. Clicking the View Offer button will lead attendees to the offers area underneath the webinar screen.

Step 9: You can also add an offer other than the one you just did by clicking Create New Offer underneath it.

Step 11: To edit or delete offers, hover your cursor over the offer to show the Edit (the pencil icon) and Delete (the "x" icon) buttons to the right.

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