You can change what it says on the the call-to-action buttons found on your registration page and thank you page. All languages are supported, so you can also do this if you want to translate parts of your landing pages.

Customizing the landing page buttons

Step 1: From My Courses, find the course you want to customize, click Manage Course to the right of the course title, then click Course Settings.

Step 2. Down the page you'll find the Edit Buttons Text section. From here you can change the text on the Register button on a free course and a paid course. For a paid course, use the {Course Price} short tag to auto-populate it.

You can also change the text on the Join Course button and the Watch Replay on the Thank You page.

If you want to save these settings as default for all your courses, click the checkbox:

"Use these settings as default for all my courses."

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