Step 1: From My Webinars, click Create Webinar in the top right area of the page.

Step 2: Select the type of webinar you want. In this case, Automated.

Step 3: Fill in webinar details. First, enter a title.

Optional: To create a paid webinar, select Paid and set a price. You must integrate with Stripe to do this.

Step 4: Set up a schedule. Choose to Show At Specific Dates and Times.

Repeat Every Day with 1 Session, then set the time.

Set the start and end times with the same date.

Step 5: Choose a video to use on the webinar by clicking Add Video Files.

To add a YouTube video, enter its URL on the space provided, then click Add YouTube Video. It should be either public or unlisted, not private.

Enter a name and set a start and end time, if you want to add only a part of the video.

To upload a video from your drives, click Browse Files.

To choose from previously uploaded videos in your Media Library, click Select From Library. You will find previously uploaded videos, YouTube videos, and past live webinars.

Step 6: Click Create Webinar.

The registration page will only show one schedule. The webinar will expire after and will no longer accept registrations.

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